Dracula's Nest - Poenari Fortress Day Tour by Eddie

Dracula, Wallachia, legend and mystery. The ruins of Poenari Fortress - the only one built by Vlad the Impaler 

The legend says that Poenari Fortress was erected in only one week.

Wallachia  - more than 500 years ago, somewhere deep in the Carpathian Mountains. Vlad the Impaler commands this work to his boyars - as a punishment. And in order to make himself clear, first he impales some of them.

He personally chose where to build the fortress, upon a mountain peak, close to the Wallachian-Transylvanian border. The fortress  - dubbed The Eagle Nest - served him as a last line of defence against the Ottomans and as an escape way to Transylvania, over the mountains.

Besides the ruins of this fascinating fortress we are going to visit The Royal Court of Targoviste, where Vlad the Impaler had his seat fotress, Curtea de Arges Monastery, with its unique cathedral and royal necropolis and Vidraru Dam, top 5 in Europe with its 166 meters height.

Let's grab some garlic and  go on Dracula's footsteps!

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Why with us

  • More time for you - my tours are designed to give the traveler a fair amount of time to really enjoy the attractions included
  • Personal experience - this tour is designed and performed by Eddie, your professional local tour guide
  • Flexibility is the key word - in case of a private tour, one could spend more time on what interests you most and less for the rest
  • Unicity - we could (if possible and desired) add one tour component and  remove the other - even ongoing -  for a full customized experience 
  • Small Group Tour - usually my groups are up to 7 people but if your group is larger we'll still have fun

Pricing for Dracula's Nest - Poenari Fortress Day Tour by Eddie

  • Private groups of 1-2 people (price per group)

    80 euro/person + 80 euro/person = 160 euro (for a group of 2 persons) ; 160 euro for a group of 1 person

  • Private groups of 3-7 people (price per person)

    80 euro per person

  • Private groups of 8 or more people (price per person)

    75 euro per person

Highlights - Dracula's Nest - Poenari Fortress Day Tour by Eddie

  • Poenari Fortress - a place where the myth and reality collide, the ruins of the famous "Eagle Nest" - a refuge place for Prince Vlad the Impaler
  • The Royal Court of Targoviste - the famous medieval capital of Wallachia during the reign of Vlad the Impaler - Dracula 
  • Curtea de Arges Monastery - its cathedral is an unique architectural gem in Wallachia. Our Royal Necropolis
  • Vidraru Dam - an engineering masterpiece, built during the 60's and still top 5 in Europe.

Poenari Fortress

Poenari Fortress
Prince Vlad the Impaler built his eagle-nest here, up in the Carpathian Mountains as a last line of defence against the  Ottomans

Curtea de Arges Cathedral

Curtea de Arges Royal Cathedral
The Royal Necropolis, an architectural gem, unique in Romania

Tour Details

  • Tour type

    Full Day Private Tour

  • Tour availability

    The tour runs all year round. Please check for availability via email or WhatsApp/Mobile phone

  • Language

    This tour is held in English. However, I can help a bit the Italian tourists with my basic level of Italian language (parlo un po' di italiano)

  • Starting time

    09:00 a.m.

  • Tour duration

    10 hours. This may vary depending on road and traffic conditions, castle queues or any unexpected reason

  • Tour lenght

    Approx. 384 km round trip (of which around 219 km on mororway)

  • Pick-up and Drop-off

    At you hotel or place in Bucharest

  • Tour payment

    At the moment we accept cash payment only. You are going to pay the tour price listed on this page (we do not apply any other additional charges) in the day of your tour, before the end of the tour

  • What's included

    Pick-up and drop-off (at your hotel or place in Bucharest) | Tour guidance - by Eddie - certified national tour guide | Transportation by AC car - for 1-3 persons (my 2021 Dacia Logan or similar - in the case of groups of 3 people, in order to have maximum comfort, one person could sit in front and the other two in the back seats)/ 8-seater van for 4-7 persons/ bus for more than 7 persons (including driver, fuel, road tax, parking fees, etc.) – is offered as a FREE of charge service | Stops to our tour attractions: the ruins of Poenari Fortress, Royal Court of Targoviste, Curtea de Arges Monastery, Vidraru Dam, Free time for lunch. (entrance fees are not included)

  • Not included

    Any entrance fees: Poenari Fortress – 20 lei (4 euro)/adult | The Royal Court of Targoviste – 12 lei (2,5 euro)/adult | Curtea de Arges Cathedral – 10 lei (2 euro)/adult | Food and drinks | Souvenirs | Personal expenses

Transportation - 1 to 3 persons using my 2021 Dacia Logan Comfort; for more than 3 persons we use minibus / bus


Itinerary -  Dracula's Nest - Poenari Fortress Day Tour by Eddie

We start our day tour early in the morning, heading to the city of Targoviste, where we stop and visit the famous Royal Court. 

After this beautiful experience we continue to Curtea de Arges Monastery and visit the Cathedral.  Here you will have free time for lunch or other activities.

Next will be our main tour attraction, the ruins of  Poenari Fortress.

After the fortress visit you'll have The last attraction is Vidraru Dam.

Our tour to Dracula's Nest ends in Bucharest at the end of this beautiful day.

For private tours - by request - we could skip (ongoing) some of the tour components in order to have more time for others. Also,  we could have a different tour configuration, based on a prior request.

Good things to know before you book 

  • This tour is not suitable for persons having walking disabilities (especially Poenari Fortress visit involves climbing 1480 steps). Please contact us and we will try to offer the best option to you.
  • Poenari Fortress is closed for rehabilitation works until March 2023. Instead of visiting the fortress we will visit extensively Vidraru Dam
  • Due to the traffic conditions or other reasons  we cannot guarantee the return hour or the total number of hours agreed for this tour.
  • During weekend time and official holidays, usually the traffic level is higher and our tour could last more hours than specified
  • We reserve the right to refuse or unilaterally cancel any tour/service/product you want to book or you booked with us, for any reason. We will notify you via your email address/phone number regarding this issue at least 24 hours before your tour date or as soon as possible. In this case you may ask us to try to change the desired tour date or to change the tour, if possible. If you did pay any amount of money for the refused/cancelled service, and you are not interested in changing your tour date or your tour, you will be refunded. We are not liable for any losses or expenses caused by the issues above.
  • Eddex Travel cannot be held responsible/liable if during our tour we find any site closed without a prior notice or we can't arrive in time to visit the attractions of the tour and also we cannot be made responsible/liable for any reason from the moment you arrive
  • Transportation – by AC car - for 1-3 persons (my 2021 Dacia Logan or similar)/ 8-seater van for 4-8 persons/ bus for more than 8 persons (including driver, fuel, road tax, parking fees, etc.) is FREE of charge, you are going to pay for the tour guidance only.
  • Please Note: Eddex Travel Company or the individuals involved in this tour can not cover any travel risks by a travel insurance or in any other way. Given the fact that travelling involves always some risks, we strongly recommend you to have a valid travel insurance to cover any potential risks, such as and not limited to: any unpleasant event, accident or even death, taking place during this tour. Eddex Travel Company or the individuals involved in this tour can not be held responsible/liable for any consequences, regardless of whose fault generated the consequences

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