About Eddie and eddex travel  Team and story

About me and the story

I'm Eddie and I love to travel.

I was born in lovely Bucharest, a city of contrasts, a city of joy.

Before thinking about starting to travel as a tour guide I had travelled a lot as a tourist in my own country, Romania. Then last year - in 2019 - I had a contract with an important local tour agency where I worked as a tour guide.  It was a very interesting experience, I liked it a lot and I did a very good job, receiving very good feedback from the agency and tourists, directly or on TripAdvisor.

In January 2020 I decided to start on my own and I founded Eddex Travel,  which is an authorized tour guidance company and an authorized tour operator company.  Now I do  small-group private and shared  tours (due to the small group size, my shared tours are almost private) in Bucharest and Romania. Because I like to explore and discover new places and things especially when I travel,  my brand's name is "Eddex",  a compouned word - Edd comes from Eddie and Ex from explore.

Now why you should travel with me..

  • More time for you - my tours are designed to give the traveler a fair amount time to really enjoy the attractions included
  • Small Group Tour - usually my groups are up to 7 people but if your group is larger we'll still have fun. Based on my traveling experience, the smaller the group the better the tour. The ideal number would be anywhere from 1 to 6 or 7 people when you  have a day-trip and 1-10 or 15 people for a Bucharest walking tour. My promise is to keep these limits but if you have your own private group, we are going to set these details together
  • Flexibility is the key word - in case of a private tour, one could spend more time on what interests you most and less for the rest
  • More personal approach - I like to be more your travel  partner then your standard tour guide, of course only if this sounds good to you too
  • Unicity - we could (if possible and desired) add one tour component and remove the other - even ongoing - for a full customized experience. I always try to adapt all the tour components to my traveler's special interests, when possible
  • I'm a professional - certified national tour guide - by the Romanian government
  • I know what I'm doing - I have a  bachelor's degree in Geography and Tourism
  • I'm a local - born in Bucharest, I love Romania and everything connected to traveling

Oh,  and the most important one ..I'm the best and  your best option...:)

Some of my TripAdvisor reviews before founding Eddex Travel

Great Trip   

Edward our guide for this trip made it the best trip ever. We visited the Castle Pellee the Black Church and Brans Castle.

Robert F wrote a review Jun 2019

The best way to see Transylvania 

..... The tour was amazing, very well organised and with only the 2 of us on out tour we had the fantastic guide Eddie all to ourselves. This is the best way to see Romania as the guides know so much and in a small group it is so much better as you get more time to see the parts you enjoy which in our case was all of it, and Eddie took us on walks and showed us a couple of places that weren’t part of the official itinerary. ....

LynnieG66 wrote a review Oct 2019

Excellent guide...interesting castles 

We toured Peles Castle, Brasov (had lunch there), and "Dracula's" Castle. We had a private tour and our guide, Eduard (Eddie) narrated, explained, answered all questions and added interesting "tidbits" along the way. As our tour guide, he was able to circumvent some of the long lines. It was a long day, but a great experience!!

Debi P wrote a review Aug 2019
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