Bucharest Panoramic Tour by Eddie

A relaxing car ride in Bucharest, including all the must-see attractions

Welcome to Bucharest - The Little Paris!

Bucharest is not only the Old Town area. Once you are here, it would be great to explore some other fascinating areas of this surprising beautiful city.

Among other city attractions you are going to admire The Palace of Parliament - the largest building in Europe, a crazy expensive pharaonic project, a very strong communist mark for Bucharest

Then, the so-called Romanian Champs Elysee, Victory Avenue, The Romanian Athenaeum, The Arch of Triumph and many more.

Let's ride.. 

Nice and easy, exactly what we were looking for

★★★★★ on TripAdvisor

We visited Bucharest for a few days and wanted a short and easy tour to see the most interesting sites. I booked a trip with Eddie - EDDEX TRAVEL - and it was exactly what we needed, Eddie is born in the city, has a great knowledge of the city's history, showing us and explaining what we look at. Eddie is paying attention to every need of his tourists, is patient and has a nice car with good air conditioning. Thank you again for a pleasant trip.

JUDITH wrote a review Jul 13

Pricing for Bucharest Panoramic Tour by Eddie

  • Private groups of 1 people

    Price per person: 40 euro

  • Private groups of 2 people

    Price per group: 50 euro

  • Private groups of 3 people

    Price per group: 60 euro

  • Private groups of more than 3 people

    Price per person: Please ask for a quotation

Highlights - Bucharest Panoramic Tour by Eddie

  • This tour is designed and performed by Eddie, your local tour guide
  • Small Group Tour - up to 7 people in a shared tour. Due to the group small size, the shared tour version is  almost private in many ways. You'll get more value and fun. For private tours the number of participants is not limited
  • Palace of Parliament - an impressive building, famous due to its story and world records 
  • Romanian Athenaeum -  a strong city landmark, one of the most beautiful buildings in Bucharest
  • Union Avenue - inspired by Champs Elysee avenue in Paris
  • Victory Avenue - the most beautiful one in the City
  • The Arch of Triumph - one of the most beautiful monuments in Romania, built to commemorate our victory and heroes in the First World War 

Union Avenue

Union Avenue
The former communist dictator Ceausescu asked for this avenue to be a bit longer and wider than the famous Champs Elysees avenue

Victory Avenue

Victory Avenue
The most beautiful boulevard in Bucharest

Tour Details

  • Tour type

    Private Driving Tour (by request we can include some short walking components)

  • Tour availability

    The tour runs all year round. Please check for availability via email or WhatsApp/Mobile phone

  • Language

    This tour is held in English. However, I can help a bit the Italian tourists with my basic level of Italian language (parlo un po' di italiano)

  • Starting time

    For private tours - flexible. I do recommend 10 a.m. , in order to avoid Bucharest peak level traffic. For shared tours - 10 am.

  • Tour duration

    1-2 hours. This may vary depending on road and traffic conditions or any unexpected reason

  • Tour lenght

    Approx. 10 km round trip

  • Pick-up and Drop-off

    At you hotel or place in Bucharest

  • Tour payment

    At the moment we accept cash payment only. You are going to pay the tour price listed on this page (we do not apply any other additional charges) in the day of your tour, before the end of the tour

  • What's included

    Pick-up and drop-off (at your hotel or place in Bucharest) | Tour guidance - by Eddie - certified national tour guide | Transportation by AC car - for 1-3 persons (my 2021 Dacia Logan or similar)/ 8-seater van for 4-8 persons/ bus for more than 8 persons (including driver, fuel, road tax, parking fees, etc.)– is offered as a FREE of charge service | Stops for pictures: The Palace of Parliament, The Romanian Athenaeum and Revolution Square

  • Not included

    Any entrance fees: | Food and drinks | Souvenirs | Personal expenses, etc.

Transportation - using my 2021 Dacia Logan Comfort or minibus / bus


Itinerary - Bucharest Panoramic Tour by Eddie 

Our tour starts from hotel or place in Bucharest (private tour) or from the Romanian Athenaeum meeting point (shared tour).

We are going to have a relaxing car ride on the most beautiful avenues in Bucharest.

Our tour ends in the same place we started.

For private tours - by request - we could skip (ongoing) some of the tour components in order to have more time for others. Also,  we could have a different tour configuration, based on a prior request.

Good things to know before you book 

  • This tour could include some components that are not suitable for persons having walking disabilities . Please contact us and we will try to offer the best option to you.
  • Due to the traffic conditions,  we cannot guarantee the return hour.
  • During weekdays, rush hours and official holidays, usually the traffic level is higher and our tour could last more hours than specified.
  • We can unilaterally cancel  the tour for important reasons as follows: force-majeur issues (E.g. roads blocked by snowfall; unavailable tour components; personal health problems, etc). In this case you will be notified prior to the tour starting hour with a text message on the same phone number or email you used to contact us. If your tour has been canceled you have the following options: get a full refund if you have payed any amount for this tour (currently we don't accept advance payments); opt for the same tour or other tour on some other date.
  • Eddex Travel cannot be held  responsible/liable if during our tour we find any site closed without a prior notice and also we  cannot be made responsible/liable for any reason from the moment you  arrive
  • Transportation – by AC car - for 1-3 persons (my 2021 Dacia Logan or similar)/ 8-seater van for 4-8 persons/ bus for more than 8 persons (including driver, fuel, road tax, parking fees, etc.) is FREE of charge, you are going to pay for the tour guidance only. Please Note: Eddex Travel Company or the individuals involved in this tour can not cover any travel risks by a travel insurance or in any other way. Given the fact that travelling involves always some risks, we strongly recommend you to have a valid travel insurance to cover any potential risks, such as and not limited to: any unpleasant event, accident or even death, taking place during this tour. Eddex Travel Company or the individuals involved in this tour can not be held responsible/liable for any consequences, regardless of whose fault generated the consequences

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